Grading Condition

As music fans, collecting rock, pop, heavy metal music concert and tour programmes of your favourite bands or artists is a major part of being a fan.  For most fans will pick up a programme when we have been to a concert, but how many times would you like to collect concert programmes of tours you never went to, well here at Rewindpressplay you can purchase a wide range of music memorabilia including concert programmes, ticket stubs and posters, we are constantly on the lookout for more music memorabilia to add to our website.   We also sell music cassette tapes on Discogs you can find us here at Rewindpressplay.

Most of the posters and music concert programmes that we sell are original, from back in the day and were likely to be used at some stage.  As a result they will likely show various degrees of quality and conditions.  Grading is a way to describe the condition of the posters and music concert programmes and music memorabilia in general to you the buyer.

We will also be describing any particular flaw of each individual product on the product page as well as the grade.

Mint 10/10    =         As new and should show no signs of being used plus all original inserts in music programmes should be included and intact.

 Near Mint  9/10 =       Should appear to be in excellent condition but may have some slight flaws such as a slight tear but overall hardly and blemishes.  Original inserts in music programmes should be included.

 Excellent  8/10 =       This condition indicates that there may be some slight creasing, dirt or tear but most of these would be minor and unconstructive.  The poster or music programme should be bright, supple and clean and not have any more than two or three defects. All pages in music programmes should be intact.

 Very Good+ 7/10 =       A poster or music programme graded in this condition is still greatly preserved with good colours and non-faded text and pages intact with an overall good appearance.  It may have slight tears and minor stains.

 Very Good   6/10 =      An average middle grade for poster with significant use of cellotape on the back where a poster has been hung on a wall or pin holes or staples.  Music programmes where they have folded over edges or creasing on pages or slight staining.

 Good    5/10       =       The Poster and Music programme will show a lot of wear and tear, the poster maybe slightly brittle due to age, some paper loss or staining or watermarks on both posters and music programmes.  There may be some writing in unobtrusive areas on poster or music programme.  Poster and music programme may have paper loss along edges but no loss to image or text.

 Fair     4/10        =        Staining on poster and music programme may be more pronounced, maybe minor paper loss, more creases and folds, images clear but maybe slight fading to text.

 Poor   3/10         =       The poster or music programme will show some or all of the defects as in fair condition but to more extent.  The music programme may have one or two missing pages and if it had any inserts they will more than likely be missing also.  A poster will have major paper loss for example missing corners but no more than 10% fading or discolour or damage to images.

 Very Poor    2/10 =       The music programme or poster will show some or all of the defects as described in poor condition, but to a greater degree and Rewindpressplay will not generally sell this an item in this condition, unless it is extremely rare or a notable music programme or poster.